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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Safari's family
access_time 9 hours ago
Safari received a $417 initial payment.
"We are a household of six members, comprising me, my husband, two children, and three grandchildren. My husband, now literally like a child due to the surgery he had some time back, is unable to do anything to support our family. One of my children has been facing mental challenges for years and is in need of special care, while the other separated from her husband and returned home with her three children. We are one household but we sleep in three different houses. My house, in the worst state made of grass, cannot withstand heavy rains, and I have long dreamed of a better dwelling. Building a house for myself has not been easy because I do not have a job but rely on my small vegetable business to support my family, with the help of my daughter who is also jobless. On this morning, as I relaxed at home with my family, my daughter called out to me, asking if I had received my transfers, having heard from our neighbors who had received money a day earlier. I handed her my phone to check, and we were surprised to find that we had indeed received $550 from GiveDirectly. We were all excited and overwhelmed with happiness as this was a true blessing. My first thought was to build a better home for myself so that my husband and I could sleep in warmth and comfort."
Esther's family
access_time 11 hours ago
Esther received a $342 third payment.
"As a single mother of five, managing on small-scale farming to support my family. My daughter, who is currently in form 3 of secondary school, has had a tough time due to frequent cold allergies. These allergies have been so severe that they often force her to come back home for treatment, severely disrupting her studies. Fortunately, she had a sponsorship at her current school however her situation has worsened. Despite my financial constraints, my daughter's well-being is my priority. So, when I received my third transfer, I decided it was time to take decisive action. I set aside the entire amount with a firm plan to transfer her to a school closer to home next term. Although I'm still searching for the right school, I feel a sense of relief knowing I'm taking steps to improve her health and educational experience. I'm hopeful about the future, even though it means she will lose her current sponsorship which is tied to her current school."
Purity's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Purity received a $26 twenty-second payment.
"This year, I aim to pursue a hairdressing course, which perfectly aligns with my passion and skills. Unfortunately, my plans were disrupted when my father, who was my main financial support, passed away suddenly in April, just as I was set to join college. However, I remain optimistic. I intend to utilize my savings to fulfill this goal and honor my father's memory by achieving success in my chosen field. Developing a skill that allows me to earn an income will significantly enhance my family's financial stability. I am sincerely grateful to GiveDirectly for being a steadfast source of support during these challenging times."
Jumaa's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Jumaa received a $26 twenty-sixth payment.
"This year, my aim is to acquire two oxen that can assist in cultivating land. This investment will greatly benefit me as I can also rent them out, generating additional income. To achieve this goal, I plan to utilize my savings as well as my upcoming transfers. Having this will ensure that my family will have food security from land cultivation as well as an extra source of income. I'm content with the positive changes occurring in my life."
Chengo's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Chengo received a $26 twenty-sixth payment.
"This year, my main objective is to finish building my two-bedroom house. Our current living space is too small and it's uncomfortable for our family. Once the new house is complete, my family will have a safe and secure place to live, which brings me a great sense of relief and happiness. I'm grateful for the positive changes happening in my life and I look forward to a better tomorrow."
Victoria's family
access_time 19 hours ago
Victoria received a $27 twenty-sixth payment.
"My objective for this year is to establish an additional source of income to supplement my husband's income. While I have not settled on a specific business yet, I remain optimistic about the possibilities. I intend to utilize the coming transfers to pursue this goal. Having an extra source of income will ensure that our family is adequately provided for, granting me peace of mind. Moreover, it will serve as a lasting legacy even after the program concludes."
Jumwa's family
access_time 19 hours ago
Jumwa received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"This year, my aim is to set up a vegetable business by the roadside. Given that my husband's income is insufficient, I plan to utilize the upcoming transfers for this venture. Establishing an additional source of income will bring me peace of mind, knowing that my family will be well-provided for. I am thankful for this opportunity to transform my life and look forward to a brighter future."
Purity's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Purity received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"This year, my goal is to establish a permanent shop for my tailoring business. Currently, I run the business from my house, which limits its visibility to potential customers. I aspire to finish constructing the shop and expand my stock, offering a wider range of clothing materials for customers to choose from. To achieve this, I plan to utilize my upcoming transfers, hoping that they will enhance my business and increase profits. I'm pleased with the progress I have achieved this far and look forward to the future improvements ahead."
Kahunda's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Kahunda received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"My aim this year is to build a substantial livestock herd. I plan to allocate a considerable portion of my transfer funds toward acquiring more livestock, especially sheep and goats. Once the herd reaches a sufficient size, I intend to establish a livestock sales business. With the profits from this venture, I will be able to lead a comfortable life. I express deep gratitude to this organization for its financial support, and I eagerly anticipate a brighter future ahead."
Joyce's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Joyce received a $27 twenty-second payment.
"My goal for this year is to expand my shop business. It has been thriving, but I want to enhance it by adding more stock, which will make it more stable. With school closing soon, my strategy is to use my upcoming transfers to achieve this objective. A well-stocked shop not only boosts profitability but also attracts more customers. I'm content with the progress I have made so far and eagerly anticipate a brighter future ahead."