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Jeremiah's family
access_time 1 hour ago
Jeremiah received a $251 second payment.
"In the next six months, I expect less financial burden, this is the reason why I have invested in cattle rearing and also farming to ensure I have enough money for my family. I also want to take my children to good schools where they can get the best education." (Campaign: UBI)
Edna's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Edna received a $22 twentieth payment.
"Presently, I am staying with my elderly parent with my three children. As a single, parent with children, I have been thinking of buying a piece of land where I will build a home for myself and my children. Even after the government has passed laws that male and female child have the right to inherit the land from parents, I am seeing this would not bee good and safe enough for me and my children to remain at my parents home. Since my child is almost completing her studies, I will start saving towards buying a piece of land. I am looking forward to buying a piece of land where I would build a home for myself and my children." (Campaign: UBI)
Nickson's family
access_time 16 hours ago
Nickson received a $22 twentieth payment.
"In the next six months, we would have completed renovating my parents' house and I will also seek their support to help me construct a better house as I am planning to start a family soon." (Campaign: UBI)
Purity's family
access_time 18 hours ago
Purity received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"My life will change because the breweries company will come and buy the harvest from my farm at a good price. I will then have enough for school fees for my kids for the next year." (Campaign: UBI)
Cynthia's family
access_time 20 hours ago
Cynthia received a $22 seventeenth payment.
"Once I join college, I will be able to expand my knowledge and be able to become successful in the future once I have my own business up and running. Of course, just gaining knowledge alone is enough change in my life." (Campaign: UBI)
Joseph's family
access_time 21 hours ago
Joseph received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"I will use the savings to buy a cow within the next six to nine months. The main reason why I want to purchase the animal is to be able to pay my dowry debt which has taken me quite some time to fulfill." (Campaign: UBI)
Diana's family
access_time 23 hours ago
Diana received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"In the next six months, I know my business will be doing much better than now. When I keep on investing as I am doing now, I will have increased stock which will increase income from the profits of the business. This will help me meet all my needs well and in time without having to depend on anyone for help. My desire is to have a bright future and give the best for my family more than what I experienced in my own life. I would not want any of my siblings and children to drop out of school as I did because of finances." (Campaign: UBI)
Christine's family
access_time 24 hours ago
Christine received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"My life will be different in the next six months in that I will have bought all the materials for building a kitchen. My children are growing up and they need their privacy which is compromised when we stay in the same house. This is because they sleep in the living room. My desire is for them to have their own space and as well get a good cooking place. Currently, I am cooking outside which is affected a lot during the rainy season. I would want to handle the two issues once by building a kitchen with extra space for the children." (Campaign: UBI)
Gabriel's family
access_time 24 hours ago
Gabriel received a $22 twenty-first payment.
"My life will be different in the next six months in that I will be having a new house. I would not be staying in the house with a leaking roof anymore. I believe in the next six months, I would have bought all the required building materials for putting up a new house. Thanks to GD for the transfers." (Campaign: UBI)
Anyesi's family
access_time 1 day ago
Anyesi received a $250 second payment.
"in the next six months, my life will have changed. I believe by that time, the dairy cow that I recently bought will have calved and so will have sufficient milk for my household consumption as well as for resale hence more income. I also believe my house construction will have kicked off and so expects a much happier life in future" (Campaign: UBI)