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We check in with people at each stage of the cash transfer process to see how things are going. Take a look at some of their stories as they appear here in real-time. Learn more about how recipients opt in to share their stories.
Sarah's family
access_time 16 days ago
Sarah enrolled.
"I have a family of ten members with eight being children. My husband does casual jobs at the coastal towns earning approximately $100 per month which caters for food and school fees . I do subsistence farming but this has been affected by drought . The family income is low such that my children have a fees balance of $300 . This has made them miss classes sometimes. The family lives in a two room house with iron sheets roof which is not enough to accommodate the entire family. It also lacks beddings. I will use $500 to add one room and also buy three beds and mattresses for the family. I will also use $400 to clear school fees balances and also make a prepayment. My desire is to see the children settle at school and improve in their performance."
Frankline's family
access_time 16 days ago
Frankline received a $295 third payment.
"Upon receiving my first and second transfers, with the support of my beekeeping and goat-rearing ventures, I embarked on an ambitious project of building a 4-bedroom stoned house. However, the construction remained incomplete with the receipt of my last transfer of $450, I resumed building, and presently, the house stands at the roofing stage. The motivation behind this construction project is deeply rooted in my current living situation. I dwell in a worn, two-roomed mabati house, a haven marred by the relentless intrusion of ants, a common woe in our area. Beyond the desire for an upgrade, there's a profound longing to establish a home suitable for a family. Despite living alone and being unmarried, the vision of a comfortable sanctuary for future loved ones serves as my driving force. I completed a certificate in automotive engineering. Regrettably, securing a job has proven to be an uphill battle. Nevertheless, as construction nears its end and my businesses thrive, I'm poised to shift my focus toward job hunting, determined to align my career with my qualifications and aspirations. Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the great support from Givedirectly. Their unwavering assistance has been a lifeline, propelling my dreams forward and offering a beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow."
Eliza's family
access_time 17 days ago
Eliza enrolled.
"I have a family of eight members with six being children and all live in a two room house with a grass roof. The roof was once blown away by strong winds and made my family suffer from winds and rains. I borrowed rusted iron sheets from neighbors to renovate it but the situation is still not good. My husband does casual jobs making approximately $60 per month which caters for food and school fees only. I lack the capacity to build a spacious house for the family. I will use $700 to build a two room house with iron sheets roof . I will also use $200 to pay school fees balances for my children and also make a prepayment."
Dama's family
access_time 17 days ago
Dama enrolled.
"My husband died one year ago and I am aged relying on subsistence farming though on small scale. I have two sons where one is metal challenged and now the family depends on the first son who does casual jobs earning very little amount. Most of the time I go without food thus my health has grown weak. I live in a grass roof house which leaks during rain season. I will use $650 to build two houses with iron sheets roof each one room. One will be for the two boys and one for me. I will also use $200 to buy five four goats as an investment. This will be a sustainable source of income for me ."
Chengo's family
access_time 17 days ago
Chengo received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"My main goal for the upcoming year is to expand my current residence. The house we currently live in is insufficient to meet our housing requirements. I am pleased to announce that I have already begun the process of purchasing iron roofing sheets to fulfill this objective, and I eagerly anticipate starting the construction in the coming months. I plan to utilize subsequent transfers to achieve this objective. The prospect of having a larger and more comfortable home brings me a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that my family will be well taken care of in our improved living space."
Kangombe's family
access_time 17 days ago
Kangombe received a $23 twenty-second payment.
"My objective is to initiate a poultry rearing venture with a primary focus on chickens. I am pleased to share that I have already begun acquiring chickens, currently totaling seven in number. I envision that as this venture expands, it will pave the way for me to acquire goats, known for their higher profitability. Additionally, I have set the goal of replacing my current grass-thatched roof, which does not provide sufficient security. To realize this, I plan to allocate future transfers towards procuring iron roofing sheets. The prospect of establishing an additional source of income and ensuring a safer living space for my family brings me immense joy and satisfaction."
Talai's family
access_time 17 days ago
Talai received a $295 second payment.
"Receiving the second transfer, I prioritized investing a significant portion in construction materials for a new house. Currently residing in a mud-walled cubicle house vulnerable to termite damage, I plan to build a sturdier one with metallic poles and iron sheets, resistant to infestations. So far, I have spent $212 on iron sheets, roofing frames, and nails. The remaining funds are saved for upcoming labor charges and additional household goods during the construction. Despite the extended construction plans, the support from GiveDirectly brings peace of mind, especially knowing I have ample foodstuff purchased with the first patch. I am grateful for this assistance, making long-term improvements possible."
Tusufu's family
access_time 17 days ago
Tusufu received a $23 eighteenth payment.
"My goal is to initiate a vegetable-selling business in my village. In my area, people have to walk for almost a couple of hours to find a market or a vegetable-selling stand. I am confident that starting this business will give me an advantage due to the demand for vegetables and the lack of competition. To kickstart the business, I need at least $60 to acquire the initial stock. Before starting the business, I plan to set up the stand by purchasing building materials. Once everything is in place, I aim to begin building a new dwelling space for my family. The current house, with a grass-thatched roof, leaks water during rainfall. I am certain that obtaining a completely new house will provide better shelter for my family."
Kahindi's family
access_time 17 days ago
Kahindi received a $23 fourteenth payment.
"My primary challenge now is the medication for my son’s, Safari, epileptic condition. This is where most of my cash transfers go. My long-term plan has always been to build a new house because the current condition is very poor. The mud on the walls is disintegrating from the ongoing rains, leaving the house with holes, and it has started caving in. It is not the best living situation. I aim to construct a completely new house with an iron sheet roof and mud walls, but in a structure that is not vulnerable to rain. After achieving this, I will start planning to develop myself, particularly in terms of rearing livestock. I sincerely hope that my son will get better in the future so that I can allocate some of the cash transfers to buying livestock."
Jumwa's family
access_time 18 days ago
Jumwa received a $360 second payment.
"The arrival of GiveDirectly has utterly transformed our living standards, lifting us from the depths of poverty. Without this program, we might still be grappling with financial hardships. Thanks to GiveDirectly, we now reside in sturdy iron-roofed houses, a significant departure from the grass-thatched huts that served as our homes for many years. Our children's education has undergone a positive shift as well. No longer are they sent home due to unpaid fees; instead, they attend school comfortably. Beyond shelter and education, the program has granted us ownership of valuable assets like goats, cows, and sheep. These assets not only improve our current living conditions but also serve as savings for our children's future education expenses. The ability to sell these animals provides a financial safety net for their educational needs. From my perspective, GiveDirectly has executed the transformative task of changing our lives exceptionally well. The entire process, from enrollment to receiving the promised support, was seamless. I find it challenging to identify any aspect where the organization did not excel. Their commitment to improving lives shines through, leaving a lasting impact on our community."