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Moses's family
access_time 2 months ago
Moses received a $28 sixth payment.
"I used the funds from the transfers from September to December to either buy food or cover my children' tuition. I'm the father of five primary-aged students who attend school. I operated a "Bodaboda" motorcycle taxi service for the entire four months. Fuel prices during these months reached a record high, which had an impact on our business because few of our clients preferred motorcycles as a mode of transportation. Being unable to provide for my family's needs, particularly their food, made life difficult. I therefore spent a whopping $72 on food for my family over the course of the four-month period. The high spending on food was also attributed to the significant increase in food prices; for example, a 2 kg packet of maize cost $2.5, which was a lot of money. The remaining $56 I had was used to cover my children' tution fees in Mnazimwenga Primary School. My tardiness in paying their school fees frequently had an adverse effect on children. They would frequently be sent home by the headteacher, which had an impact on their ability to focus in class. They hardly ever get sent home, so I'm glad that has gradually changed over the past four months. They now have the chance to put in extensive study time and pass their exam."
Zawadi's family
access_time 2 months ago
Zawadi received a sixth payment.
"I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers three years ago, and the doctor advised that I stop working manual labor-intensive jobs like farming and selling charcoal. I need to buy medications that stop the excruciating stomach pains in order to keep my condition under control. I bought prescription drugs with $5 of my September transfers. I then spent the remaining $20 on food after purchasing a hen for $5. We all rely on our two older sons, who work manual jobs selling charcoal and building houses because my husband, just like me, is unemployed. My October transfer was largely used to purchase a goat for $28. Due to the fact that the prices of livestock increase over time, I have had the desire to own livestock for a very long time. With the extra $2, I also purchased 1 kg of sugar. My family had a difficult month in November as a result of the drought's severe effects. We were unable to harvest anything from our farms because every crop we planted withered. As a result, I used the entire transfer amount to buy food for the family. I lost my younger brother at the start of December last year, and getting the money was a huge relief for me because I used some of it to get him a decent burial and prepare for his funeral. I set aside the remaining $24 so that, after topping it up to $3, I could purchase a goat. As their prices rise over time, the goats will be crucial to increasing my initial investment."
Amani's family
access_time 2 months ago
Amani received a $28 fifth payment.
"I spent my most recent transfers on buying enough foodstuffs for my family and new clothes. The past few months have really been tough, due to the increase in the prices of the most important basic need for me especially food. Doing subsistence farming that could have ensured that food is enough is no longer possible due to the prevailing effects of drought. I do not have a stable source of income as I mainly rely on casual construction jobs which at times are not available. I am grateful to GiveDirectly for the transfers because, despite the challenges of failing to secure a casual job, I am assured of receiving money every month. This is a great relief for me and gives me peace of mind, knowing that my basic needs will be fulfilled with ease, even when I fail to get a job."
Furaha's family
access_time 2 months ago
Furaha received a $444 second payment.
"Having a mini-mart has always been a dream of mine. I've always been fascinated by the seemingly endless number of people the shop attendant would interact with while on duty. This always made me want to run a business selling cereals and other everyday items at reasonable prices and in plentiful supply and stock."
Bii's family
access_time 2 months ago
Bii received a $444 initial payment.
"We are constantly affected by severe droughts, which can last for more than five months without rain. Life has been difficult during this time because fetching water alone takes a significant portion of the day, and livestock may succumb to the harsh conditions due to a lack of feed and water. The county government initiated a water piping system, but few people could afford the cost of connecting it to their homes because of the high prices of the required appliances and installation. We were relieved to receive GiveDirectly assistance because we had prioritized spending $150 on buying pipes, paying labor charges, and installing the conveyance to the doorstep. Over the December holidays, our sons undergo the communal initiation ceremony, and mine was one of them this time. To complete the process, I paid $100 that I had saved up for one month's worth of lessons, food, and clothing. In addition, I gave my wife $50 to spend on groceries for our family of four. I had been relying on casual labor and had hoped to start my own business. As a result, I saved the remaining funds to be combined with the subsequent transfer and used to start an egg collection business. I have been scouting the market, and with the low prices in the village, I can always sell them for a good profit."
Kadzo's family
access_time 2 months ago
Kadzo received a fifth payment.
"As soon as I began receiving transfers from Give Directly, I quit my job as a casual laborer selling charcoal. Due to the tiresome nature of the job, my health has gotten worse over the years. I am currently financially dependent on both my son and his wife. While my daughter-in-law sells charcoal, my son makes a living by raising other people's cattle for pay. Prior to receiving the money, it was very difficult to support the family. We didn't have enough money from the charcoal sales to feed the whole family. We occasionally had to skip meals because we lacked the funds to purchase food from the stores. The fact that the situation is getting better every day as the transfers keep coming in makes me happy. I spent $10 to buy food for my family when I got my December transfers, which we all ate over the joyous holidays. I set aside $20 so that when I got my next transfer, I could buy a goat. Prices for livestock rise over time. As a result, my initial investment will grow, making it a wise investment for me. I want to expand my livestock collection and start a livestock farming business. I'll become financially secure and independent thanks to this."
Alfred's family
access_time 3 months ago
Alfred enrolled.
"Since the onset of Covid 19, our country's economy has been affected negatively. For instance, food provision for my family of 4 is almost a nightmare. Milk and maize are among the basic needs whose prices have skyrocketed and I can almost not meet the needs of my family. It pains me that the sources of funds have also been limited albeit the situation at hand. Furthermore, climatic changes have also affected immensely the economic activities such as farming that I used to depend on to raise my family. At the tip of the iceberg, is the charcoal ban that has brought a pinch to my financial status."
Radi's family
access_time 3 months ago
Radi received an initial payment.
"I'm a farmer, married with two children. Our region requires us to sufficiently irrigate our farms because of the harsh climate attributed to this area. It's tough to have a stable source of income within this region. We are however fortunate to have irrigation schemes along the river. Despite this, it's still a challenge to buy seedlings and fertilizers for our farms due to financial constraints. Upon receipt of my initial transfer, my wife and I opted to spend the entire amount of $20 on farming. This would multiply our harvest of maize and beans. It was a difficult period because of the costly prices of seedlings and fertilizers."
Elizabeth's family
access_time 4 months ago
Elizabeth received a $448 second payment.
"In 2023 I would like to start farming and get products for my business. I have a restaurant and I get my ingredients from the market which sometimes are sold at high prices making it hard to get maximum profit. My father has a big land and I will be requesting to start farming soon."
Bii's family
access_time 4 months ago
Bii enrolled.
"Lack of financial stability to meet the growing needs of my family has been a challenge. I have been employed by a friend to work as a motorcycle taxi operator where in a day I earn $2 or even less. Prices of food commodities are going up each passing day while the money I earn is not. There was a time I was asking friends to lend me money but since I cannot repay, most of them are not answering my calls. The presence of GiveDirectly speaks hope to desperate people like me."