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Esther's family
access_time 3 days ago
Esther enrolled.
"I have a debt of $500, my husband died sometime this month and we borrowed money towards funeral expenses, the owners of the money want their money back and I am wondering what to give them.I am so stressed, I hardly sleep. My life has turned for the worse, life has been unkind to me.I sold the only cow I had to meet the medical expenses. We used a lot of money towards his medication , he had been wasted by cancer and had been undergoing chemotherapy." (Country: Kenya)
Josphat's family
access_time 3 days ago
Josphat enrolled.
"At the moment we are experiencing some rainfall and it is ideal for planting. I had already prepared the land ready for planting but I have not been able to afford farm inputs such as fertilizers, seedlings, and pesticides to enable me to proceed with the planting. It worries me a lot because I am a person of little means and I am afraid the planting season will elapse before I can plant potatoes for consumption and for sale.It gives me sleepless nights that my land is lying idle at the moment." (Country: Kenya)
Jane's family
access_time 3 days ago
Jane enrolled.
"I was pricked by a poisonous thorn recently and it made my leg to swell. This has curtailed my movement, I hardly move because of the pain. I went to Kapkwen Dispensary where I was attended to, I am still recuperating at home though the swelling is still there. I cannot engaged fully in my household chores at the moment.It rained last week and it was a perfect time to plant food crops in my farm, It was not possible for me to engage in farming because I was indisposed and I had no money to hire casual labour to do on my behalf. It worries me a lot since the rain has stopped and I have not planted like my neighbours, if it doesn't rain soon I will be food insecure in the future." (Country: Kenya)
Selina's family
access_time 4 days ago
Selina enrolled.
"Payment of school fees is the main challenge that we are currently facing. We have two children Deborah and Abigail in high school that we have been paying school fees amounting to $550 per annum. I have a small vegetable selling business here in the village and it earns me about $5 a week which all goes to food needs of the family. My husband John is now left to carry all the burden involving school fees and he earns a salary of $30 a month which is not enough to pay all the school fees even if we sacrifice his salary wholly for a year. We have therefore been accumulating debts and our children had been suspended from school some time last month and this really discouraged our efforts because we felt so hopeless. The teachers were threatening to deny them end year exams because of the arrears. We were lucky anyway because we negotiated and they allowed them to sit their end year exams with a promise to clear all the arrears at the beginning of the year." (Country: Kenya)
Denis's family
access_time 4 days ago
Denis enrolled.
"Maize farming had been my business for 5 years but due to crop diseases that emerged and unpredictable weather pattern, I had to quit farming and I had to depend on casual labor. This is where my problems started because my wife of 2 years left me because I couldn't provide for the family anymore and my dream of owning a bigger house was shuttered. I am currently living in a small flat roof house which provides a space enough for 1 person. The casual jobs that I do can only fetch me an average of $0.80 a day which cannot meet all my needs. I usually wonder what I would have done to feed my family if my wife was still living with me." (Country: Kenya)
Leonard's family
access_time 4 days ago
Leonard enrolled.
"The main challenge that we are facing today in my family is food insecurity. This has been occasioned by failure of maize farming in our region due to changes in climatic conditions over the recent past. This farming venture had been our source of food as well as livelihood for the longest time and when it failed we were left to depend on casual jobs to earn a living. This meant a reduction in food portions for the family and reduced income. The gap that was left by the venture is so big and casual jobs will never bridge it." (Country: Kenya)
Amos's family
access_time 4 days ago
Amos enrolled.
"I face a myriad of challenges, top on the list is lack of money to be able to better my life. Coming by money nowadays is a big deal. The ends do not meet and there is no easy day. I lag behind because of it, when I try to engage in farming I cannot afford the inputs, and even buying clothes is a tall order. Money is a big enabler, it is almost everything. For now I only struggle to get disposable income to purchase foodstuff but on any development front it is not possible." (Country: Kenya)
Paulo's family
access_time 4 days ago
Paulo enrolled.
"I have been facing a severe food insecurity. The situation was made worse by the outbreak of lethal maize necrosis disease that ravaged our crops. I no longer do maize farming and I have resorted to buying maize grains from the nearby Kapkwen market. Life has been unbearable since the cost of living has gone up to unprecedented levels. The cost of a 2Kg packet of maize flour goes at $2.30 up from $0.8 which is sometimes unaffordable.The price of cooking fat has spiraled also and nowadays I do not cook using the fat and the quality of the food I eat is so poor." (Country: Kenya)
Cyrus's family
access_time 4 days ago
Cyrus enrolled.
"I am a trained carpenter having learned from a neighbor through apprenticeship. Lately, it has become hard to get jobs unlike before possibly because the cost of living has spiraled unlike before. I have had to look for other jobs to survive on, I am employed sometimes as a motorcycle rider and at the end of the day get paid depending on the amount of money I make, they use a commission basis. The pay is so little unlike my conventional job of house construction, coupled with the high cost of living my standard of living has taken a nose dive. It is a struggle to put food on the table nowadays." (Country: Kenya)
Rael's family
access_time 4 days ago
Rael enrolled.
"I have been having a toothache.It is itching a lot, this is the second tooth that is giving me sleepless nights after another one was removed last month at Makimeny clinic where the affected tooth was removed and I got relieved. Another one has since started to itch , it is so painful. I have just woken up, I did not sleep the whole night because of the pain that I was going through. I had wanted to go back to the dentist but I lacked $ 6 required for the procedure.I have been surviving on painkillers all this time.I have suffered a lot." (Country: Kenya)