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Elias's family
access_time over 2 years ago
Elias received a $23 fifteenth payment.
"I have been without fishing tools for so long so I plan to buy my own tools so that I stop working for someone else."
Maritha's family
access_time over 2 years ago
Maritha received a $252 second payment.
"I have a plan of starting a small scale business that I can rely on and use to sustain my family far much better than what the fishmongering business has been generating. The problem with relying on the fishmongering business is that it is unreliable, for instance, currently, there are restrictions on fishing because the number of fish have reduced significantly, so for the next few months we will have to do without the business until such a time when the fishermen are allowed back into the waters."
Joseph's family
access_time almost 3 years ago
Joseph received a $23 eleventh payment.
"In the six months, I would want to buy a boat. This will be my source of income for I know how the fishing business, I will never go back to begging and the struggles of borrowing every now and again."
Siprose's family
access_time 3 years ago
Siprose received a $22 eighth payment.
"I plan to buy a fishing net that I will hire out to the fishermen at a small fee so that at the end of each day i will be getting some income instead of just relying on the small business that I run."
Sidi's family
access_time 3 years ago
Sidi received a $537 initial payment.
"The excitement on the day we received the money from GD was at its topmost level. I had never taken GiveDirectly any serious since the first day when they came enrolling everyone in the village. In my mind, I was thinking of the common government enrollments programmes which have been going on within the village since my tender age and have never come to pass and GiveDirectly made the biggest difference by delivering on their promise. I was very happy and the other members of the family never believed also when I informed them of the good news since they were daring me to try and withdraw from them to really believe that it was a real money, my elder son supposed it was the fishing scams who normally sent people fake messages, while their mother could not stop but obligingly back him up as if it really was sure confirmation that it was just a scam. I had to take a step of confirming with my neighbors who had received the same message which made them believe though not fully. We only came to terms and all in a celebratory mood after I had withdrawn the money. We are still thanking God for sending us a great blessing through GiveDirectly."
Ibaale's family
access_time 3 years ago
Ibaale received a $448 second payment.
"I used all my transfers for buying fishing nets to start a fishing business at Buvuma Island."
Bonface's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Bonface received a $476 third payment.
"I spent my third transfer on paying off dowry to my lovely wife and now I have regained the respect from my - in - laws which I never saw it coming . I also bought fishing nets which put food on my table on a daily basis ."
Felix's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Felix received a $236 initial payment.
"I will have paid dowry to my in-laws something that has been stressful to me for quite a long time. I will also quit my fishing job because it is so demanding."
Catherine's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Catherine received a $476 third payment.
"I spent most of the third transfer to buy building materials as l am planning to build ironroofed house since l am staying in thatched house which is not comfortable being that it was leak when it is raining. The remaining balance l spent to buy fishing net that l am using to get my daily income."
Lilian's family
access_time over 3 years ago
Lilian received a $474 third payment.
"I spent my third transfer on buying fishing nets and built a boat as well which my spouse use to caught fish and sale in lumpsum , truly speaking this has doubled my household income since from the profits my spouse and I can buy our household expenditure with ease without depending on anyone unlike before the transfer where we would hire fishing nets and the boat which expensive hence less profits from this business . "