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Christina's family
access_time 15 days ago
Christina enrolled.
"I have a plan to purchase food with the transfers. I want to spend $50 for a bag of corn. This will help me continue providing food for my family for a few months as the year comes to a close. In addition, I want to buy a cow for $250 and 4 goats for $40 each. I'm getting older, and this will be my future investment, so it's quite significant. Since we can't grow any crops, the remaining money will be spent to fence our land, which has been impacted by livestock. This will help us to fence in the property so that the animals won't disturb the produce planting."
Kadzo's family
access_time 15 days ago
Kadzo received a $435 second payment.
"The bulk of the transfers that I received from GiveDirectly went to improving my house. I had long intended to install a toilet and I was finally able to erect a pit latrine. Having ensured our home had been seen to, I proceeded to buy 2 local breed cows, male and female, in hope of starting a herd. I have 9 adult children, with 2 grand kids between them, hence they are all busy leading their lives and the funds from GiveDirectly allowed me to maintain my financial independence as a parent and not be a burden to my children. I till my 4 acre farm where I grow maize, beans and cassava, for myself and also my 6boys and 3girls, and their families. GiveDirectly gave me a chance to take control of my own destiny and I will eternally be grateful."
Kenga's family
access_time 16 days ago
Kenga received a $435 second payment.
"I would like to rear chickens and bees for commercial purposes. Early on before the drought, I had a lot of cows and goats but they all died due to dehydration. It downgraded my life and now I would prefer to rear livestock that sells easily such as chickens and bees that can survive at every season."
Nzingo's family
access_time 16 days ago
Nzingo received a $450 second payment.
"A dairy cow was on the top of my to - do - list, as soon as I received the transfers from GiveDirectly. It was closely followed up by my acquisition of a 1,000 litre water storage tank, to help with the sporadic water supply at our place. The funds helped me greatly since, as a widow, mother of 9 ( all of whom are above 18 years, some married and others working) and grand mother to 10 I have to fend for myself, seeing as my kids are busy raising their own families. It has been 20 years since my husband died and I have been living off the fruits of my 5 acre piece of land where I till maize and sell. If GiveDirectly had not stepped in, I would have been hard pressed to accomplish what I did with the funds they sent."
Kashutu's family
access_time 16 days ago
Kashutu received a $435 second payment.
"The days I received my transfers were by far my happiest. These funds from GiveDirectly allowed me to construct a 2 bedroom house for me and my family. Further more, I bought 2 male cows and 7 goats, as a source of potential income when they breed. I have a wife and 4 kids, my eldest is in Grade 3, second in Grade 1, third born is 3.5 years and my last is 1.5 years old. The two eldest who are in Migunjini Primary were paid for their school fees of KES. 3,000 per term, from the same funds sent by GiveDirectly. My primary source of income is selling charcoal at Mombasa town market, making a profit of KES. 1,000 , after selling each sack at KES. 1,200. With return such as those, it would have been difficult to achieve all we did without the GiveDirectly funds. We are truly thankful as a household."
Faith's family
access_time 16 days ago
Faith received a $435 second payment.
"I am a peasant farmer and I am among the few in my community who have not been fortunate enough to own a dairy cow. Although I have been dreaming to own one someday, I have not been able to raise the money to buy one. I have been buying milk for my two children everyday and this money would have been saved towards some other needs if I had a cow. When I was enrolled in the program, I saw this as a dream come true because I knew I would own one in the near future. I spend $200 of my second transfer to buy a dairy calf, $80 to buy two goats and I have been spending the balance to buy food for my family and other basic needs."
Gilbert's family
access_time 16 days ago
Gilbert received a $435 second payment.
"I do subsistence farming for a living. I have been growing grass to feed my cow although in small quantities. In the coming year and beyond, I will hire a bigger piece of land to grow varieties of grass to be sold to those keeping livestock like cows. There are very few people from my community doing such a business as the process is so involving. This will yield enough profits for the basic needs like food , clothing and education for the children who are still in Primary School."
Joice's family
access_time 16 days ago
Joice received a $435 second payment.
"In the coming year and beyond, I am planning to start up a small business of selling groceries and second hand clothes. Before I lost my parents I was doing business and it collapsed since I used all the money I had to arrange for their burials. I have experience in such businesses, with the trend in my community , groceries and second hand clothes businesses have high demand since very few practice such. I will be saving the profits in order to buy a female cow for milk production for consumption and sale."
Mohamad's family
access_time 17 days ago
Mohamad received a $435 second payment.
"Starting a business had been on my mind for the longest time. A plan to get financial independence has always been what I have been trying to execute and GiveDirectly allowed me to do so with the transfers. I started a business selling cows and goats at the market at Mtasar wa Tsatsu , every Wednesday. Sadly though, since the drought hit, I have been forced to stop doing so. The remainder of the funds were also allotted towards paying school fees for my 3 eldest kids, while my youngest lives in Nairobi with my wife and visits every 5 months. My eldest is in from 4 at Shaka Secondary School, my second is in Grade 6 at Bamba Primary School, while the third is in Grade 3 at Alfatiha Academy. I pay Kes. 16,000 per term , Kes. 600 per term and Kes. 9,000 per year respectively, and the funds from GiveDirectly were also funnelled towards sorting that. Between the Kes. 500 I earn a day as a mason and the little my wife makes while working and living in South b, it would have been impossible to accomplish any of this without GiveDirectly."
Philip's family
access_time 17 days ago
Philip received a $435 second payment.
"Before I was enrolled in the program, I never had furniture in my house. I used to fear hosting friends in my family as they could misjudge me why I never had furniture. I used my transfers of kshs 25,000 to buy a five seater seats. This has boosted my self esteem and everytime I wish to host my friends just to confirm to them the type of changes I had been experiencing due to the transfers I received . I used the remaining part of transfers of kshs 25000 to buy female cow for milk production to be used for consumption and sale."