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access_time 1 month ago
What does receiving this money mean to you?
I'm the seventh child out ten in this family. My father runs a shop and a kiosk to provide for his family while my mother is more of a housewife occasionally helping him in the shop. I finished my high school education a year ago and I haven't mange to join any college because he doesn't have funds for that right now. This is mostly because he still has my younger sister who finished class eight two years ago and yet to village polytechnic, and also a younger brother who's currently down with kidney cancer awaiting operation to remove the affected organ in four months time. Sadly enough, I have no option but to struggle and make things work out for me on my own. Receiving this money will just grease this process. I want to first spend my transfers to start a business preferably mpesa or general shop as a way of building more savings to get college fees so that I can later enroll for Early Childhood Development course.
What is the happiest part of your day?
I was very happy when I received my results for the national examination that marks the end of high school education. I really celebrated a pass for obvious reasons; first, I only attended classes for the first third of that year before a strike broke out and interrupted everything. Secondly, I did not get to go back after the strike because my father could not afford to pay 25000 KES that I owed then.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
My biggest challenge is inadequacy of financial resources. I finished my high school education a year ago but haven't join a college die to the fact that my father isn't able to afford it. He is currently focused on funding my younger brother's medical needs. The boy is hospitalized as we speak taking rounds of chemotherapy while awaiting an operation to remove one of his kidneys.