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access_time 1 month ago
What does receiving this money mean to you?
What a bright future for me! Imagine receiving 3000 KES every month for 5 years, this is an amount that is enough to cater to my full-year school fees because in our school we pay 18000 KES per year. Since I am in form 3, I am confident that my school expenses are sorted. Receiving this money means a favorable environment for my learning and this will guarantee me maximum time in school and hence, improved performance. This will directly assure me of a better future since I will stand a good chance to secure a decent job once I complete my studies.
What is the happiest part of your day?
Despite the school fees challenge, I am so grateful for the efforts I have had in my studies. Imagine scoring a mean grade of C+ in the promotion exam. This is something that has given me hope in life and it keeps me focused knowing that one day, I will be in a better position. Thus, I consider this as what has brought me joy.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
Imagine in a term staying at home for almost 2 weeks before returning to school! This is a very discouraging life because I always feel so down when I find myself at home. Since my parents are jobless, I depend on bursaries which are also not reliable because I always miss out. What a miserable life! I, therefore, consider financial instability as my biggest challenge.