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access_time 5 days ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
My first priority is to open a new business of selling shoes in Easleigh. Many people come to Easleigh to buy goods making it a commercial hab for business in eastlands. The influx of people in Easleigh provides a ready market, therefore, expecting to make alot of profit in return. Secondly, I will buy clothes and household items in my house. My house burned down when fire broke out in our residence In february this year. I was at work that night in Westlands doing decorations. When I came back from work in the morning, I could not believe my eyes the place I called home has now been reduced to ashes. Since then I have been depending on welwishers for food, sleep and clothing. Recently, I rented a house and I expect to buy household items to furnish it. Thirdly, I will save my money and plan on increasing stock of my business of selling shoes.
Describe your biggest worry.
My top concern is unemployment because I will not be able to sustain my life. I will be unable to pay rent or provide food on my table. Failure to pay rent or buy food can force me to be thrown out of my house or be forced to go upcountry or beg for sleep and food. I may result to engage in criminal activities to make ends meet. This will have a negative impact in my life because I might be arrested and serve a jail term or lose my life to mob justice or trigger happy policemen.
What are your greatest ambitions?
My ambition is to become a successful businessman in future. I would want to sell shoes in bulk. I will buy second hand shoes in Gikomba market and be able to sell in the local markets around the country. I hope to maximize the profit I get from the sale of this business . This will help to improve my life and be able to sustain my life and that of my family in future.
Describe your usual day. How do you spend your time?
My usual day depends with my work of decorations. Which I mostly work on Friday and Sundays. When there is work, I wake up early in the morning at 6:00am. Take bath, have breakfast in a nearby kiosk then leave for work until 6:00pm in the evening when I return back home. I do some house chores or wash clothes or relax at home then I prepare for supper. When I am not going to work, I wake up at 8:00am have breakfast then I do some casual jobs in the village. I fetch water which I charge ten shillings per jerrican in the neighborhood. In my free time I like to watch movies or play games