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Motorcycle or bicycle taxi
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access_time 3 months ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
Building family house is still my biggest priority right now because our current dwelling unit is falling off in bits. The plan has not yet solidify but I would love to have a two roomed house with a full length hallway that I can use for storage and cooking. This should cost upwards of $500 for both materials and labor needed to set it up urgently. I'm saying so because the one I have is somehow unfinished in the sense that it's roofed halfway but already worn out with walls hanging that might cause deadly accidents. For sustainability, I will also revive my fish buss with the remaining amounts.
What is the happiest part of your day?
One month ago my husband managed to raise $200 that a particular credit company needed to be able to give him a motorcycle on loan for taxi business. I'm happy this was smooth and right now he's using the bike around the village. It made me happy that day, and I'm still happy today for my family because this gives me hope that my struggles are about to reduce. Even though we're not yet making much money right now because he's still repaying the loan, I know one day we will.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
Here in the village the only thing that's quite crippling is lack of reliable sources of income. I have had to burn charcoal a lot to be able to even feed my family. I used to have a business selling fried fish at this village's shopping center, but a particular accident that occurred one day one day while preparing took me completely out of business. That day hot oil spilt on my leg and I got seriously burnt! I had to seek medication which was costly enough that it wiped out my capital. It got so hard feeding five children while paying school fees of $25 per term for two of them. My husband wasn't economically involved back then and even right now, he's a motorcycle taxi rider but using a bike that he recently took on loan. For this reason it's hard to get revenues because he's still paying credit company $30 weekly having given them a deposit of $200.