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Casual labour
Standard Kenya
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2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
53075 KES ($512 USD)
access_time 9 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
I managed to clear my son's fees for the entire term which made him have comfortably stay in school without any fear of being sent away from school due to delays in fees payments. Having planted sugarcane is another difference in my life that I shouldn't have gained without GiveDirectly's transfers. This is because in my area, planting sugarcane is very marketable ,therefore, I believe from the harvest I will get early next year and sell in the nearby factory. These profits will assist me in paying school fees for my children and also provide for my family's needs without any struggles
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
In my opinion, GiveDircetly did well by giving unconditional transfers to beneficiaries without any conditions outlined. Therefore, the beneficiaries spent the money on what they lacked most that lead to an improvement in our economy. I also appreciated the fact that they never discriminated anyone whom they interacted with.
What did you spend your second transfer on?
I spent my second transfer on paying school fees my son who is in secondary school. I cultivated sugarcane on an acre of land which gives me a certainty of an increment in my income after selling the harvest which I am yet to harvest early next year. The remaining amount I bought food and decent clothes for my children.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
55000 KES ($545 USD)
access_time almost 2 years ago
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life.
I now own a cow which I never had before in addition to being able to pay school fees for my children. Apart from that I also have a new sofa-set that my visitors will be seating on comfortably anytime they visit me.
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
I felt so happy when I received from Give Directly. When I enrolled into the program I did not believe that they would send me cash but when I got it I was so happy and I finally believed that the promise they gave me was indeed true.
What did you spend your first transfer on?
I used the cash to buy a few household items such as new set of sofa-set. I also bought a cow that will be providing milk for me in the near future. What remained out of the cash went into paying school fees for my children.
access_time almost 2 years ago
What does receiving this money mean to you?
Receiving this money means that we can improve our lives with regards to food security. We will finally be able to lease a piece of land and grow various crops like maize, beans and various vegetables for our own consumption and for sale. This will enable us have some extra cash to settle our debts which have accumulated over time due to lack of a sustainable source of Income.
What is the happiest part of your day?
The happiest part of my day is in the morning when I wake up.I am always happy in the morning because the Lord has blessed me and my family with the gift of life.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
The biggest hardship that we currently face is lack of enough money to pay school fees and feed our children well. Whenever we are unable to get money to pay for these essential items, our children often defer their studies and get sick due to malnutrition.