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Maureen's family
Subsistence farming
Standard Kenya
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2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
53150 KES ($497 USD)
access_time 3 months ago
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
Many things have happened in my life since I started receiving the transfer from GiveDirectly which have really changed my life. The biggest difference so far is the piece of land which we bought with part of the transfers. We are currently living on a portion of land which we inherited from our parents, but we had the desire together with my husband of owning some piece of land which as at now we have one. Again, I bought two heifers with the intention of rearing them. I believe with time they would have reproduced and we will have more cattle which we can sell to have money for supporting my children education.
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
In my opinion, Give Directly came to our village and did an amazing work by giving us unconditional cash transfers. The money which enables us achieve our dreams.
What did you spend your second transfer on?
When I got the second transfers from GiveDirectly, I spent part of it to buy a small piece of land. The remaining amount, I top up with some savings and spent to buy one heifer. I am so glad and excited that I now have two heifers which I bought with giving Directly's transfers.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
55000 KES ($535 USD)
access_time 4 months ago
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life.
The biggest difference in my daily life is the extra house that has provided enough space for my family. The small one I had was not enough for us to use it as a kitchen as well as a living room. The new one that I just completed with is spacious and beautiful because it is made of iron roofing sheets unlike the previous one.
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
The morning I received transfer was a life-changing moment. I was elated that I would finally manage to build a house to improve.
What did you spend your first transfer on?
I spent the money I received on building a house and bought a dairy cow. I later bought food and clothes. Living with my family in the small house I had gone for a long time. All along, I have been trying to build a house but could not achieve it with little income I get from my subsistence farming.
access_time 8 months ago
What does receiving this money mean to you?
It's now 3 years into marriage and settling has been a big challenge.I would wish to buy a cow and build a bigger house.I aim at buying a cow worth Ksh 25,000(250 USD).This will help me reduce expenses in that I will no longer have to buy milk.In addition to that I will get extra milk for sale which will serve as a source of income for me.This will go a long way in helping me settle properly.On expanding my house,I have a plan of building a kitchen.This will cost me around Ksh 15,000(150 USD).I will also buy household items and food for my young family.
What is the happiest part of your day?
I like it in the morning when I am busy at my farm since time moves very fast and at the same time I have done something constructive.I depend on my farm to get income.I grow maize ,sweet potatoes and traditional vegetables.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
I grew up with a lot of hardship.My parents separated when I was 10 years old.My mother left us all(9 children) with my dad.As the first born daughter I was left with the role of doing the house chores like cooking and washing.Balancing this with school was very stressful for me.Stressful to the extent that I developed ulcers at the age of 14 when I was sitting for my final exams of Primary education.When I joined secondary school I became frustrated and had no mother figure to support and guide me.I became pregnant in my second year of secondary school which made me drop out of school at the age of 17.I got married and my education dreams ended there.I am now a mother of 1 still struggling to make ends meet.