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Winfred's family
Street trading - non-food (self-employed)
FSD / Urban Youth
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Preparing Payments
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access_time 5 days ago
What do you plan to do with the cash transfer?
My first priority is to expand my current business.I make and sell beaded shoe materials then sell them at kariokor. I will buy more beads and already made bead neck pieces to sell to my clients in Mathare. Also I will be buying beads in bulk then sell to my friends who also have to go to Kariokor Market to purchase the beads. They will save on transport money if the beads are readily available here in Mathare. With an increase in my income from selling the bead products I can improve my life and sustain my familiys' daily needs. Secondly I will pay school fees for my children. Lately it has been a struggle for me to carter for their education and so paying their school fees will mean they don't get sent home for school fee arrears. Lastly I would save the remaining money, so that whenever I have an emergency it will be easier to carter for it, rather than always borrowing from friends.
Describe your biggest worry.
My top concern is unemployment because, being unemployed or not having any job security means that I can not afford basic needs for my family. Am casually employed and the income I get from making beads barely carters for food and transport per day. I lack school fees and my children are sent home so often. Being unemployed leads to my second and third worry because I am not able to pay for my group savings in time, or I am forced to borrow money and this has ledto me being in debt.
What are your greatest ambitions?
My ambition is to prosper in business, be a successful business lady, so that I can fend for my family. Hopefully my bead work business will grow and I can open more shops,where all things will be made of beads, from shoes, handbags to even clothes.The income from these shops will help me grow financially and sustain my family needs. My other ambition resonates from my first one of being successful in business. I want to provide better education for my children. Seeing where I come from and not having been able to finish school, I want a better future for my children with quality education and for them to get good jobs and help me in return.
Describe your usual day. How do you spend your time?
On my usual day I wake early, take a shower and prepare my my children for school. I am then left alone to do house chores till around 10 O'clock in the morning. After finishing my chores I sit down and start working. I work from home so that is where I spend all my day doing bead work. I normally go to Kariokor market twice a week to sell my work to people who make Maasai shoes. The rest of the days I work till evening, then prepare food and retire to bed till the next day. On my free time I visit friends and relatives, I also spend time with my children to know how they are fairing on.