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3rd Payment
Transfer Amount
48200 KES ($466 USD)
access_time 7 years ago
What did you spend your third transfer on?
I spent my third transfer on sweet potato farming at 3,000 KES, used 10,000 KES to mud smear the walls of my house, bought two sacks of maize at 11,000 KES, used 9,000 KES hospital bills for my son and I, bought a sheep at 3,000 KES, then used the rest of the cash on other home errands.
How is your life different than it would have been if you never received the transfer?
My life is different than it would have been if I never received the transfer in that I now have a stronger and spacious house, unlike before when I used to live in a very small and leaking house. Am also hopeful of getting good yields from my potato farm, unlike before when I couldn't cultivate a larger piece of land as now.
In your opinion, what does GiveDirectly do well, and what does it not do well?
In my opinion, GiveDirectly does well by being truthful and committing to its promises. GiveDirectly can do better by adding us more money so we can complete or projects.
2nd Payment
Transfer Amount
50000 KES ($483 USD)
access_time over 7 years ago
What did you spend your second transfer on?
I spent my second transfer on buying building materials which were used in building my new house since my previous house was very old and was leaking due to rusted iron sheets. i then bought two sheep which I will be rearing. I then spent the rest of the transfer on buying a sack of corn for my family's daily feeding.
Describe the biggest difference in your daily life.
The biggest difference in my daily life is that I can now afford to feed my family well on a daily basis unlike before when we had to go without food due to lack of money.
Initial Payment
Transfer Amount
10000 KES ($96 USD)
access_time over 7 years ago
What did you spend your first transfer on?
I spent my first transfer to pay for my medication and that of my youngest child. I also bought corn for my family consumption.
Describe the moment when you received your money. How did you feel?
I was so happy when I received the transfer.Being that I do not earn salary,I got so exited.
access_time over 7 years ago
What are you planning to spend your transfer on?
I have planned to build a better house for my family since the one we are in is very small,I will also build a toilet for my family and buy some livestock to look after.
What is the achievement you are proudest of?
The proudest achievement was when I was working as a preacher and spreading the word of God,through which I built the house that I am in now.
What is the biggest hardship you've faced in your life?
The biggest hardship is lack of income,I don't have farming equipments that I can use to make my land productive. It has made life so difficult because we have to buy everything thing but if we had cultivated our land we would just be picking food from there.
What is the happiest part of your day?
The happiest part of my day is when am preaching the word of God to other people.